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NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: Dream girl

A couple of friends now have told me the idea that if you write down the attributes of your ideal partner, he or she may suddenly appear, so I wrote that page at: Dream girl. I decided I should, for completeness, also work out what I really don't want.... here is that list:


Because knowing what you don't want helps you know what you want.

I really don't think I could date a girl who:

  • has any form of depression / bi-polar. (not just for me... it's a big risk for kids)
  • is devoutly religious. (some religion is okay, I'm agnostic, but if she wants to change me that's not good)
  • is a no on having kids.
  • has a meek personality. (a girl who is subservient or low energy)
  • is bossy.
  • is the jealous type.
  • is arrogant.
  • is a mum. (as I'd always be second to that)
  • is drug dependent.
  • has any lifelong std/illness.
  • is sickly.
  • has anxiety.
  • is codependant.
  • is a republican.
  • is a complainer. (if she enjoys nagging)
  • is unkind.

Almost a dealbreaker

I would prefer not to date a girl who:

  • is a smoker.
  • is a heavy gossiper. (on rare occasions I used to gossip.... I'm not proud)
  • litters.
  • has a history of cheating. (I've never cheated, but a couple of my friends have, so I'm sure reform is possible with the right person)