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NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: Dance

Freeform dance styles like ecstatic dance can be totally amazing for the discovery aspect! Dance alone or with a partner, the eclectic music might inspire you to move in ways you never have before. Or connect in new ways to yourself, to a patner or to your surrounding. Yup, that's one of the more hippy things I've ever said, but it's true. On this page I have some bullet point ideas on ways you can dance that I've come up with or taken from various workshop. Often I won't spell out what it means, becasue you interpret it how you want.


  • All styls:
    • Five levels: (1) air, (2) standing, (3) crouching, (4) kneeling, (5) floorwork. ........ (what are you ignoring)
    • Circles: from any of your joints. ........ (start shoulders, wrists, knees, hips, spine, neck, turn turn in circles and figures of eight)
  • Badass:
    • Moonwalk ........ (MJ style)
  • Woo woo:
    • Breathe ........ (expand contract)
    • Slow dance ........ (slow like molassus tai chi with exaggerated poses)
    • Negative space ........ (dance around another person or object, wherever they don't occupy)

Dance Ideas

Solo Dance Ideas

  • Stylish:
    • Fight ........ (fighting movements, best for fast songs)
    • Invisible Wall ........ (fighting movements, best for fast songs)
  • Fun:
    • Animal head ........ (make animal ears and pretend to be some animal, cuz why be so serious)
  • Woo woo:
    • Focus on a body part ........ (focus on your middle finger)

Partner Dance Ideas

  • Fun:
    • Pass the ball ........ (create a ball with your hands and throw it around, but then tranform the anything, can translate to many people)
  • Woo woo:
    • Energy flow ........ (imagine some form of enery, pass to another)
    • Under, over and through ........ (pretty much ahve to have a conversation beforehand to, one person moves slowly, the other dance around them)
    • Contact improve (never lose touch) ........ (always keep a point of touch)
    • Eye gazing ........ (eye gazing with slow hands)
    • Bounce the baby ........ (bounce)
    • Primal animals ........ (flat out pretent to be predatory animals like lions and growl)
    • Playful animals ........ (thing up any silly animal and act it out: monkey, snake, butterfly, worm)
  • Lifts:
    • Lifts ........ (wedding lift, fireman lift, back lift, piggy-back, on the shoulders, flip, hympicl, back to back)

Group Dance Ideas

  • Wedding fun:
    • Limbo ........ (enough said)
    • Tunnel ........ (needs 4 people to start, for a standing tunnel and people go underneath)
    • Conga ........ (enough said)
  • Single Leader:
    • Copy the leader ........ (two lines of people facing each other, and people in the midde mirror, everyone follows)
    • Faceoff ........ (two lines of people facing each other, and people in the midde mirror, everyone follows)
  • Woo woo:
    • Hand circle ........ (all hold hands, mimic)
    • Ameba ........ (just all rolling off each other, flowly music)
    • Cuddle puddle ........ (not really dancing at this point!)

Misc Ideas

  • Observe & Mimic
  • Crawl
  • Flowing Staccato Chaos Lyrical Stillness

Memorizing Ideas

When I was a youngster doing to clubs for the first time I would try to remember "Fight the Invisible Robot". In other words, I could dance like I was fighting or like there was an invisible object, like a ball or a wall, or just do robotic movements. It's funny that I picked that sentence - it was nice and short and maybe I couldn't remember anything longer. Maybe you can think of a fun acronym.

See Also

Acknowledgements: Mostly Gabriel Francisco - I highly recommend his "Dance is Life" course. It was fun to see someone else has a collection of movement ideas, and so many of these are his!