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For anything creepy I find.

Creepy Websites

    • Quite terrifying, because if you know my phone number it tells you my address (actually it's my previous addresses, but still disturbing). It was a female friend who share this with me to justify why she never gives guys her phone number anymore. Turns out she has a good point. Creepy indeed. Creepier still, is if you have a unique name you are in danger too. :-O
    • Like all things you could use this for good or evil. I used it for good when I found a driver's license on the side of the road when visiting a friend in Atlanta. We looked the lady up by her name and zip-code (on the license) and she was so grateful she bought us a $25 Starbucks gift card! I'm glad we used it, because she lived in a different state, and if we'd just returned it to a post office she might have not have had the ID needed to get on a flight!