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Once in a while you have an experience in a store or a restaurant which is so vile you want to warn others. I can count the number of times this has happened on two hands - I'm pretty hard to upset, but from 2018 onwards, I'm going to remember the names of places which appear to have terrible practices (and usually other's on yelp or Google maps agree).

Bad Places in San Francisco

La Piazza Galleria, LLC - STAY AWAY

STAY AWAY La Piazza Galleria, LLC - Very expensive stuff. Owner is very rude guy sadly. Seems cheeky, but no manners and very aggressive.... Even seems to lure attractive women into the back room. Looked that way to me! After seeing his bad yelp reviews talking about his dishonesty and short temper I wanted to try to warn the girl, but it was possibly too late. I hope he didn't take advantage of her good nature in any way. I think they don't allow photos here because reviews suggest their products are really cheap mass manufacture, but priced as if they are unique words of art. Again, I didn't look into this fully, but I just got a really bad vibe and rudeness from the owner who said he could ask me to leave because it was his story when I started asking questions. He has a security guard there, so yes, I was a bit of a coward and just left.