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About Consent to Kiss (CTK)

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Imagine the possibility of reducing the number of victims of sexual violation by hundreds of millions. Consent to Kiss (CTK) is a proactive campaign to let people know that it's neither sexy nor acceptable to just grab and kiss a woman on a date or at any time without proper consent. Our two main goals are:

  1. Allow any woman to add "CTK" on her dating profiles, and for it to be understood that this woman is saying "if you want to kiss me, you better ask".
    .... we just need to enroll one or two dating app CEOs!
  2. Have the tv and movies industry feature CTK by showing examples of how sexy it can be for someone to ask consent to kiss, and discuss how wrong it is to steal or force a kiss (which is the the current social norm they have established).
    .... we just need to enroll one or celebrities in Hollywood!

By changing social norms, and having consent dialog start one step earlier, we set the precedent for people to set better boundaries and safe sex conversation, and thus reduce the horrendous number of sexual violations from forced kisses (~2/3 US women) and rape (~1/5 US women). For many young men, they don't even realize asking for a kiss is an option and many women have never been asked.

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The Book

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Consent to Kiss: Reducing victims of sexual violation via the CTK campaign and changing the social norms for kissing

Length: ................... 108 pages
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Publication date: .... Jul 20, 2022
Amazon description:

Imagine a world where women all over the world felt safe going on dates with men. That may feel like a pipedream, but the consent to kiss (CTK) campaign aims to reduce sexual violations from forced kisses and worse by hundreds of millions. We can do this by changing social norms, and starting the start of consent dialog one step earlier than the bedroom. Let's let women state on their online dating profiles that they expect to be asked for consent with the letters "ctk". Let's show our children and the world sexy examples of men respecting asking for consent, so that we might end this idea that any man can grab a woman's head for a kiss without any warning or consent or repercussions. This book challenges the social norms put in place by film, tv and other media and shows there is another way.

Inside this book you will find new research on unwanted kisses and so much more. Lyuba Venable and Dr Andrew Noske delve deep into the actional steps needed for the CTK campaign to change the world, and go deep into conversations about consent, masculinity, femininity, safe sex and the challenging of gender stereotypes. Regardless of your gender and sexual preference identity, this book will open your eyes to new possibilities in dating culture that will inspire you to date better and help us take the MeToo movement to the next logical level - from talking about the past into the realm of preventing sexual violation - with a very simple idea. #ctk.

Genesis of the Idea

Consent to Kiss (CTK) is a project I started in 2020, when a friend of mine, let's call her Samantha, told me about a really bad date where the guy pulled down her (covid) masked and forced a kiss on her twice. I've heard similar stories before and I didn't want to stand for it, so I decided if "CTK" (Consent to Kiss) became a known acronym, Samantha, plus millions of girls like her, could add "CTK" on her online profile to let guys know that "if you want to me you have to ask". We don't want to stand for a world where television and movies always portray kisses as men just leaning in without asking - because guess what - life isn't like the movies. Men don't all look like Brad Pitt, and women often don't want to kiss you, even when you think they do. I immediately registered the domain and started a website, but it would take me two years of thought and discussion with friends to formulate a good plan to deploy CTK.

It wasn't until July 2022 I started to really push it hard, and decided to join forces with my best friend Lyuba - to draw on her experience as an intimacy coach - and write a book.... then to start pursuing dating app CEOs and celebrities.

Acknowledgements: Lyuba Veneable for teaming up with me on this project!