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Here I keep a list of local computer stores. Currently I just lists Brisbane and Cairns and is purely for my records.

WARNING: This list was created in 2010, so might be outdated by now.

Favourite Computer Shops

Name Phone Location Type My Evaluation


AAA PC Parts

3844 6272

114 Anderson St


Description: Probably the best place in Cairns, although has odd assortment of parts.
Open: Mon-Fri:9-6, Sat:9-1, Sun: closed


4052 9400

1-15 Water Street


Description: Good store, although only external hard-drives.
Open: Mon-Fri: 8-9, Sat: 8-5pm, Sun: 9-6

Leading Edge Computers

4052 5999

149 Mulgrave Road


Description: Overpriced. Used to be called "the disc shop"
Open: ?

Hybrid Computers

4032 2179

180 English St


Description: Embarrassing website, but close to AAA PC Parts, and worth visiting.
Open: ?


Umart Online

3369 3928

2 Kilroe St


Description: The ONLY place in Brisbane I needed. VERY minimal stuff in storefront, but large wareshouse behind and wholesale prices. Interesting ordering system where you order online (registration required), but enter your 5 digit number into a terminal at the front of the store, wait ~5 mins then pay.
Open: Mon-Fri: 9-5, Sat 9-4, Thu 9-8