Cinema 4D - Importing from Sketchup Models

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NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: Cinema 4D

Here's my own notes on how to import .skp (StetchUp) files, such as those from, into Cinema 4D.


  • Download and install "SketchUp Make" from
    • It should come with 30 day trial of "SketchUp Make Pro."
  • Download desired .skp file from
  • Open .skp file in SketchUp Make.
  • Go: "File > Export > 3D Model..." , then export as a "3DS file (*.3ds)" into a new folder.
    • NOTE: I've also found "fbx" can work okay, but others do very badly when importing to C4D.
  • Open the .3ds in Cinema4D ("vrml" = weird and bad rotation, "obj" = texture problems, etc) .
  • Try your best to cleanup and save it as a .c4d.
    • WARNING: Don't expect the model to be perfect, it's probably pretty messy, but hopefully all the textures will be there!