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What the heck is this ChatGPT thing that emerged in early 2023? Here's the answer:

ChatGPT is a variant of the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) language model developed by OpenAI. GPT is a machine learning model that is trained to generate human-like text by predicting the next word in a sequence based on the words that come before it.

ChatGPT is specifically designed to be used in chatbots or conversational applications. It is trained on a large dataset of human conversation and is able to generate responses that are appropriate and contextually relevant in a conversational setting.


ChatGPT and other language models like it are an important part of the field of natural language processing (NLP), which involves using machine learning techniques to enable computers to understand and generate human language.

The impressive part? The text above is the answer GENERATED by ChatGPT when I asked it "What is ChatGPT".

ChatGPT results for: What is ChatGPT

Limitations and Strengths

Here's a few example of other questions it does great at answering:

  • "What are some good questions to ask an interviewer?" > it will return a great list.
  • "Got any funny ideas for a guy's birthday gift?" > also returns an amazing original list.
  • "Write a poem about a lovely blonde girl who moves to Hawaii and falls in love. Use the word 'limitless' three times." > and you can get way more specific or ask for Haiku, I've tried it all.
  • "Write a children's story where a dinosaur leans a lesson about gender equality and how to play guitar" > yeah, it writes entire books for you with minimum input... both terrifying and awesome.
  • "Write C++ to zero pad all numbers which occur in a string, to X characters." > returns the code that solves this question! Holy shit.

That last example is particular impressive, because this is NOT a question that exists on the web to my knowledge - it's a question that I came up with to interview Google candidates and to my shock, ChatGPT programmed a working answer (not optimal in efficiency but working). I'm a more-than-a-little scared honestly.

The only limitations it lists on the splash screen:

  • May occasionally generate incorrect information
  • May occasionally produce harmful instructions or biased content
  • Limited knowledge of world and events after 2021 (until it trains again - I imagine each training is very expensive)

Why ChatGPT is Huge and Could Threaten Jobs

The answers ChatGPT generates are not pulled from some list, they are generated with incredible speed from an knowledge fed AI engine and frankly the answers I've seen are better than anything I could type for the same question. I love publishing books, and it's scary to imagine AI is now smart enough it could generate almost a whole book for me. In fact I started to ask it for poems and it generated all but the first poems put on this page: Consent To Kiss - Poetry. I have a friend who used a mix of ChatGPT for text and DALL-E (also by OpenAI) for images to create a playful website for a (fictitious) "Ball Regulatory Commission" (i.e. she didn't generate any content herself). Oh sure it's playful, but between coding, poetry and writing incredible text, you might imagine that a decade from now, people in the follow jobs might be quite threatened or reduced:

  • Programmers (for smaller stuff - hopefully larger projects still need engineers)
  • Technicals Writers (you can generate articles so quickly)
  • Grant Writers (one of my friend is a high-end academic who says he now uses ChatGPT to help write grants)
  • Proofreaders (since you can give paragraphs of text and it improves it)
  • Poets (now you'll have to guess if a poem written from you was a human)
  • Online Tech Support (seeded with enough content, this can do a faster and more efficient job at a fraction of the cost - which looks like it's original designed purpose)

... Or maybe a way to look at it is that ChatGPT is just a tool to help us write faster. It's scary to imagine how quickly tools liek this could swamp the web with millions or billions of generated articles. In a single day a writer might finish on article... and in that AI can generate tens of thousands of articles.

Real ChatGPT Example Answers

Write C++...

ChatGPT results for: Write C++ to zero pad all numbers which occur in a string, to X characters. When I ask this to interview candidates I hope they solve it in linear runtime and don't let them use regex, so I get something closer when i ask "Write C++ to zero pad all numbers which occur in a string, to X characters. Optimize for runtime and don't use regular expression." Often you'll want to iterate on what you typed to refine an answer.

Team names...

ChatGPT results for: What are some funny team names for a diving team?

Funny ideas for a birthday gift?

ChatGPT results for: Got any funny ideas for a guy's birthday gift?

Write a specific poem

ChatGPT results for: Write a short poem about a beautiful blonde girl who moves to Hawaii and falls in love. She loves dancing. Use the word 'limitless' twice.

Fix grammar

ChatGPT results for: Fix the grammer for: ".....".

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT results for: What is ChatGPT

Other Technologies by OpenAI

OpenAI is the company to watch, in addition to ChatGPT they have also produced Jukebox (a music generator) and Image GPT and DALL-E (image generators).

See Also

  • DALL-E - OpenAI system for generating images.
  • Midjourney - Another one.
  • Lensa AI - AI app for generating magic avatars from selfies.