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NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: Tantra

I first learnt about Chakras in early 2016. I really, really wish it had been earlier! Chakras represent energy centers in the body, and is a concept from India, integrally tied to Tantra.

On this page I'm going to store any interesting links and videos I find on the topic.

Personal Experience

I've only been to a couple of workshops on Chakras, but already I can see their power. All of us have, in some point in our lives, felt a strong connection from our heart to another. What's incredible here, however, is that this is just one of seven energy centers, and in each of these centers it's possible to feel energetic orgasms. Yes, you heard me! It's like an orgasm, but not. Some say it's better - and most people will never experience one in their life. Just trust me when I say this stuff is real. The idea of an orgasms without nudity or sexuality might already be enough to peak your curiosity.


There's a lot of diagrams out there showing the Chakras, but I made my own, the right size to print on two sheets of glossy paper and put above my bed.

Chakras small.png

Where do you Feel Tension and Happiness from Within

Despite my background in science, I believe in an unseen energy emitted by every living creature. Some people just seem to glow, and it's because of a happiness and presence within them. One significant observation which makes me believe in Chakras is that I knew, long before I learnt about these concepts, that my body reacted to certain events and emotions in body places which make no logical biological sense me. Turns out these areas align nicely with Chakras. In times I feel insecure about not owning a house yet, I feel tension around my base (which means ass). I can't explain that. In times of great loneliness, there's a knot in my heart, an organ which we know is responsible only for pumping blood, but it is unsurprising that Egyptians believed the heart was where all thought came from (not the brain). In rare moments, mostly in the past, when I wanted to say something but couldn't overcome that fear, I felt the lump in my throat. As much as I love public speaking, just before my first words, nervousness is felt in my gut.... and the same gut tells me when I do or don't trust someone. When things are going well, I feel happiness in various places. When I feel love with a girl, there are wonderful little butterflies in my stomach. Love for friends fills my most of my chest. Moments of high confidence flow in my belly. Spiritual experiences feel like they emanate above my head (out of body almost). And obviously lust... well that's a pretty easy one to guess. No points for guessing the location of that chakra, but still... think about where you hold tension, or experience pleasure and you might suddenly agree that these Chakras might make a lot of sense, and when you can relax and feel something positive in all these areas. So close your eyes ask yourself... if you think about each of these areas in your body where do you feel tension right now? What if you could allow the good energy from where you are strongest to flow into the adjacent areas which feel weak. What if you could even transfer energy to another human being. Now suddenly, we are talking about energy flow which is tightly related to Chakras.


Online Test

I highly recommend taking this Chakra Test as something fun to make you think. I don't put too much faith in any of these tests as "accurate", and yet I feel like they got me pretty correct. I'm pretty transparent, so below are my results on April 2017. To me it's not surprising root is still the one I need most work on... any immigrate who hasn't established family might feel the same. :)

Chakras results.png


Acknowledgements: Taylor for introducing me to Chakras