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NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: Chain Emails

I wrote this in 2022.... it's not a chain email, I just think it would be funny if it was. I only intend to sent it to one fan of Hamilton (the broadway production) :)

I call the email Hamilton the Naughty Boy:

So I visit this beautiful girl over the bay who likes Hamilton the musical. I notice It's Quiet Uptown and so I think this is My Shot. I get naked and I tell her: "You can't Say No to This. I'm gonna please you Non-Stop till you are Satisfied and You'll be Back for sure.".

She told me I'd have to "Wait for It".

I tried to sway her with my best line: "But baby, I'll be Your Obedient Servant".

She opened a bottle of Cabinet Battle #1 and said she needed to see her friends and sisters to review The Reynolds Pamphlet.

Next day she showed my dating profile to her friends and Misses Washington said "Oh.... I Know Him."

"Oh We Know", said one of The Schuyler Sisters. "But he still slept all of us at A Winter's Ball", said the Schuyler, Defeated.

The sisters immediately call me on the phone: "Listen here mister. You had Washington on Your Side and you'd think That Would Be Enough, but instead you Blow Us All Away... well History Has Its Eyes on You now".

So What Comes Next you ask? The women gave me Ten Duel Commandments then dumped me for good. I tried to be the playboy but I guess The World Wasn't Wide Enough for Alexandra Hamilton.

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And yes, the bolded words are every single song title in the Hamilton Sound Track by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

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