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NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: Conscious Events - Brisbane

Love ecstatic dance, and all things similar in the wider Brisbane Area? Inspired by a friend, I'm trying to maintain a Google Calendar with a bunch of incredible Brisbane-ish conscious events spanning from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast. The idea is to help us keep track of what's on since it's tricky to discover new events and also tricky to keep track of the ever-evolving events that you already love. With your help, we can help make it more complete and even include one-off events to help people discover and share. I'm so excited I could poop! Beyond just dance events, please suggest authentic relating, yoga retreats, hippy festivals, tantra events, fire spinning/flow jams, or whatever you deem conscious.

The Calendar

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  • Here's what the calendar looks like (sample month - early days):
An (early days) sample month from "Brisbane Conscious Dance Calendar" - no it's not the current month, for the actual calendar:

How to Use This Calendar

To see this calendar, follow the link, but it works far better if you go to your personal by clicking the "+ Google Calendar" button at the bottom right corner... then go to your personal google calendar and you should see something like this:

Once you add it to your calendar you can see colors and toggle it on/off.

If that doesn't work, go to: Google calendar > Add Calendar > From URL and paste in "". I used to work for Google so I'm ashamed it's so many button clicks, but it's worth doing if you love dance. Trust me.

How to go to your calendar settings and add this calendar to your calendar.

How to Help Contribute (to Make this Awesome)

Compared to my friend San Francisco Calendar, this calendar is a little sparse because:

  • (a) Well SF just has an insane number of events - I didn't get to see them all when I lived there!
  • (b) It's early days for this calendar, and only with your help can I add all the existing events not already here.

Please help me make this awesome.... message me on Facebook or ask for my number to add new events.

Conscious event calendar - brisbane midjourney calendar 200w.jpg

Some Facebook Chat Groups


Andrew Noske. This is a pic of me, so that you'll know to say hello if you bump into me! Until then, please give me feedback/corrections/new entries for the calendar via facebook. 😀

I hope some of you love dance as much as me and find this useful. :) I love to dance so much that I published a book with a good friend from Seattle: The Little Book of Dance Inspiration: Unlocking freedom in movement & authenticity in dance. I dance with everyone, so if you see me around ask for a dance and chat to me I might just have a copy of a book to gift you. Kind of my thing.

Happy dancing, and yes - please reach out to help me list more events!


    Andrew Noske

PS: I started this April 2024, so I hope others help it grow. If you happen to like Latin dance also, I'm trying to do a calendar for that too: Brisbane Latin Dance Calendar. Gosh I'll really need help maintaining these! 😉

Acknowledgements: My wonderful friend Steven Melter in San Francisco, who maintains a Bay Area calendar like this, which so many of us adored, so that inspired me to try to make a similar calendar to see if it is useful. At the very least it will help me personally keep track of what is on! Anyone who helps me add events I'll add here too. Thanks in advance! (self link to this page)