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Lots of random website ask for a bio. Here's some versions for me to copy and paste.

Bio Text

Andrew has his PhD in diabetes research in at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience in Australia, before moving to the United States to persue a postdoc in neuroscine then a left turn into software engineering at Google Maps. He currently lives in San Francisco, and his biggest passions are dancing, the environment, writing, human psychology and trying to make impact in the United States. Andrew first become involved with the consious community after his only bad breakup, and thought that journey and continue to publish books around the topic of amazing, responsible sex and consent.

Limitless Questions Book Bio:

Andrew is a neuroscience postdoc who got his PhD in Australia studying diabetes. He left Australia to try and make an impact in the United States, and took a left turn into software engineering. He currently works at Google Maps, but his biggest passions are writing books and dancing. His first book, Ice Cream = Sex, is a fun book for first dates or playful friends.

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Australian former/disgraced phd-scientist-turned-engineer-and-writer who lives in San Francisco.

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