Big five personality test

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The "big five" was a a pretty interesting personality test and I wanted to record my score.

Big five personality test results 3.jpg

The big five are:

  • High openness to experience: You’ve probably tried on several personal styles and hobbies during your life, and your curious brain is actively seeking new things to explore.
  • High agreeableness: You may feel a deep identification with the possibly-too-trusting. High agreeableness is associated with religiousness and with compassion.
  • High conscientiousness: You are one of the organized, the responsible, the possibly just-a-wee-bit boring.
  • High extraversion: Your life is pretty good — and even if it’s not, you’re more likely to feel like it is.
  • Low negative emotionality: People who score on the higher end of this trait are plagued by anxiety, sadness, anger and conflict.