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NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: Dance

I'm actually not a swing dancer, but I thought I'd record any swing/lindy/fusion style events I hear about.

SF Swing Dance Timetable

Here are some good places to try in SF for each day of the week:

  • Mondays: .......... -
  • Tuesday: ........... -
  • Wednesday: ..... Le Colonial (8pm-11pm, free, not every Wednesday, so check)
  • Thursday: ........ 9:20 Special (9:20pm-12:30am, $9, with lessons then dance party, Lower Pac Heights)
  • Friday: .............. -
  • Saturday: .......... -
  • Sunday: ............ Lindy in the Park (11am-2pm Golden Gate Park, free, and free lesson at noon)

Swing Venues in the Bay

Name Location Evaluation / Times


My new home

Lindy in the Park


~de Young Museum
San Francisco (Golden Gate Park)

Evaluation: Free Lindy Hop lesson in the park, ~noon on Sunday.. and has been going for decades.
Open: 11am - 2pm Sunday free outdoor dancing with free lesson at noon.

9:20 Special


Russian Center, 2460 Sutter St
San Francisco (Lower Pacific Heights)

Evaluation: A big open venue - an old theatre, with lovely wooden floors. Good crowd, very PG dancing - I was even told off a little for hugging a friend - here you are only supposed to lead with your fingertips and no being sexy in any way, but on the flip side they try to keep the space feeling very safe. Range of ages, seems like a fun group and I bet the lessons are good too.
Open: Thursdays 9:20pm-12:30am, $9.... different lesson options, so check the calendar.

Le Colonial / 701 Lounge (Jazz Nights)


20 Cosmo Place
San Francisco (Nob Hill)

Evaluation: A lounge which often has live jazz bands for lindy hop crowd on Wednesdays and good reviews. I went on a Thursday when they had a band, and far fewer dancers (only 1 couple when we arrived), but was still fun.
Open: From 8pm-11pm most Wednesdays and some Thursdays... check the calendar. Band will take some breaks in the middle.

Cat's Corner (Jazz Nights)


Swedish American Hall, 1319, 2174 Market St
San Francisco (The Castro roughly)

Evaluation: Haven't been, but sounds like a nice crowd.
Open: A Wednesdays dance party. 9:30pm-midnight. DJ band break 10:30-11pm. $10 general admission. $5 before 9pm and after 11pm.