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Apple Maps is technically a competitor I guess, because I work for Google Maps. When Apple Maps was released on September 19, 2012, it was a disaster. A famous one (source: *) . Mostly it was poor navigation, leading users down the wrong roads. In the many years since then, however, I've noticed Apple Maps getting better. Some say better than Google Maps!

Honeslty, it will depened on what you're trying to do. Google Maps actually has many features (like it's own review system) that are lacking in Apple Maps, but Apple Maps has some cool features lacking from Google Maps. Which is great!

On this page I focus on some cool features of Apple Maps I've noticed.

Apple Maps Desktop - Cool Features

Look Around Mode

A fun "look around" mode where you drag the binoculars around to see what's there

Place Lists

A list of top photo spots in Oahu, powered by Yelp

3D Satellite Mode (high res for certain cities)

Apple maps in 3d satellite mode - hold down command and drag the mouse ot change angle
Apple maps in 3D satellite mode over Queens Beach, Wakiki
Google maps in 3D satellite mode over same area: Queens Beach, Wakiki (slightly lower quality, although pretty sure Google Maps still has more areas imaged in 3D satellite/plane more)