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Sea Turtle

     ... graceful, resilient, wise

Through the endless deep blue ocean, you glide like a magical floating island though the sky.
Each stroke of your flippers is a slow and deliberate evolution through time,
Slow flowing movements, as if practicing an ancient meditation dance.
The deep focused thoughts of a world traveler are written on every inch of your skin.

Upon your back, your hardened shell supports its own ecosystem of life,
Barnacles and microorganisms join you on your cosmic adventure,
Curious fish, crustaceans, and even the mighty sea mammals swim alongside you for a chance to glean some of your calm wisdom and silent teachings.
You carry the weight of an entire ecosystem on your back you, and yet you embrace it.

Invisible arms protect your shell and all who draw near to you as you travel a planet covered in water, in abundance, and in life.
You have seen every type of sea creature come and go, and for a precious few creatures you bond deeply and smile into them in a meditative dance.
Of all the eyes I have seen on this planet, yours are the only that contain their own universe.
I wonder, do the swirling planets inside your own eyes contain their own sea turtles, that you silently talk to.

Can your gentle meditative dance teach me how to be still, to be calm?
To calm any dark thunderstorms above the waves, and accept all of life's sadness and joy as one.
Even as a teacher in the ocean, you continue to learn, to ponder and to journey to new islands of intricate corals and mysterious dark forests of seaweed.
You have seen every type of creature, and yet you know you have barely scratched the surface.

You glide like a magical floating island through the sky.
Every very time I draw near to you, my breath is taken aback by the magnificence of life.

            -- by Andrew Noske

About this Poem...

Animal: Sea Turtle
Description/motivation: Dedicate to my wonderful friend Chelsea Delaney. I love our dances, and your wisdom. :)

This is one in a serious of poems I've written about various animals. The motivation, is that I love the idea of spirit animals, and I decided, one day, to ask many of my friend what animal they think best represents their personality. In some cases the poems are written with the person in mind... and sometimes it's purely about the animal. Read more about my process here. If you love this poem or want another written please e-mail me at :-)
This is an original poem by me!