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Divine horse, up in the sky.
Pegasus was born, to be wild and fly.
Mythical creature,
With a wingspan quite amazing.
Her form down on earth,
A sexy girl who's slightly crazy.

Greek goddess, in the form of a horse.
She likes rolling country and to be worshiped of course.

I really want to ride you,
I know how that sounds.
I'll mount you with a saddle,
And a touch of romance.

You represent inspiration,
You represent truth and passion.
You take the pure nature of a wild horse,
And add badass wings like great fashion.

This poem isn't about a fictional creature,
This poem is about you.
Go out with me on a date,
And let's learn about your truth.

            -- by Andrew Noske

About this Poem...

Animal: Pegasus
Description/motivation: Written for a girl. Duh!

This is one in a serious of poems I've written about various animals. The motivation, is that I love the idea of spirit animals, and I decided, one day, to ask many of my friend what animal they think best represents their personality. In some cases the poems are written with the person in mind... and sometimes it's purely about the animal. Read more about my process here. If you love this poem or want another written please e-mail me at :-)
This is an original poem by me!