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Llama Lenny

Lenny the Llama,
Wears a fluffy white pajama.
If you pat his furry coat,
It will bring you karma.

Out in the field,
He stares at the farmer.
He doesn't understand humans,
They just seem like pure drama.

Life is just simple,
Chewing the grass.
Perfectly comfortable having a best friend,
Who is an old cranky ass.

I'd tell you Lenny's story,
But there ain't much to say.
He lives near Matchu Pitchu,
And farts on tourists all day.

            -- by Andrew Noske

About this Poem...

Animal: Llama
Description/motivation: Llama are fun! I wrote this poem after visiting Machu Picchu in Peru. Incredible experience! It rained a little, but fortunately the rain and fog lifted as we waited patiently, and rewarded us with magnificent views. It was the down season, so not too many tourists luckily, but our amazing guide Olga pointed out that there were sixteen permanent residents of Matchu Pitchu itself... and those were the llamas. There to keep the grass on the terraces beautiful and trim.... and to charm tourists. We also saw some alpaca and vizcacha. On the train back I wanted to write a couple of poems, but I didn't feel awake enough for a serious poems. So I wrote a silly ones. One called "Alpaca Anthony" and one called "Llama Lenny".

This is one in a serious of poems I've written about various animals. The motivation, is that I love the idea of spirit animals, and I decided, one day, to ask many of my friend what animal they think best represents their personality. In some cases the poems are written with the person in mind... and sometimes it's purely about the animal. Read more about my process here. If you love this poem or want another written please e-mail me at :-)
This is an original poem by me!