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I got my first Android November 2012, shortly after I started working for Google. Prior to that I owned an iPhone 4. As a Google employee I'm bound to be slightly biased, but I'm quickly seeing how Android is more versatile and powerful. Some might argue it is a tiny bit "harder to use" but for most teenagers today that's only the difference of an extra 10 minutes figuring out how to add applications through Google Play (App store equivalent) and arrange either icons or "widgets" on their home screens. The Android phone I own is a Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. I use this page to keep a track of applications I have installed or been recommended. Early days yet.

Recommended Android Applications


  • Pandora (free) - an extremely popular program for playing song(s) you like and streaming similar songs. Highly recommend. (*****)
  • Spotify (free) - also highly recommended... slighty different in functionality. (*****)


  • AK Notes (free) - a nice simple note taking application. There are actually a few good ones, including the powerful and popular Evernote, but after reading an excellent article "Best note-taking apps for Android" by Android Authority I decided AK notes was just what I needed. (****-)