Agoda - a warning about false hotel prices

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TLDR: Use with trepedation - if it looks too good to be true it probably is.

Mabye this is an isolated incident, but I remember having issues with Agoda once, and against my better judgement, I tried on 2021 Nov 22 to book via Agoda, having seen a really cheap rate advertised with 71% off for a hotel called "Kona Bali Kai". Instead of $367.97, it would charge $110.00, so I booked right away.

What followed was a chain of confusing emails... the payment was declined, and then said I needed to contact Vacasa Property Management (not the hotel), and the people at Vacasa were pretty friendly, and said that the booking came via (apparently Agoda is affiliated with, but they were definitely trying to charge me $367.97 (not $110).

I definietly think Agoda has a deceptive UI... and then claimed that I needed to pay them a non-refundable $100.00 to cancel. It's still unclear what payment did or didn't go through. I don't think this was on Vacasa or Kona Bali Kai, I think Agoda needs to work on their system, because currently it seems hard to manage.