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Location of the event


NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: Ecstatic Dance

5Rhtyms is alive and kicking in Brisbane. It's called "5Rhtyms Dance Brisbane - Freedom Frequency", run by the wonderful Honor Morningstar about twice a month - it pays to check the schedule.

  • What:
    5Rhythms Dance Event
  • When:
    2nd + 4th Fridays 7:00pm - 9:00pm
  • Where:
    South Brisbane Sailing Club, 68 Hill End Terrace, West End, QLD ... (map)...
  • Cost:
    $25 ... pay online or at the door (same price).
  • What to wear:
    Suitable dance attire, you'll be bear foot ... see more here.
  • Website:

A website snippet with dance details... be warned you have to scroll pretty far down the page to see the timetable.

... Picture of the venue pending!

What is 5Rhythms

Honor Morningstar
(facebook - where you can "join the tribe" and learn about her other events, classes, workshops, and one:one stuff (even though she's not a fan of Facebook).

If you haven't heard of 5Rhythms dance - or any "conscious dance", there's a longer-than-necessary intro on this page and I've published a book "The Little Book of Dance Inspiration" with a dear friend from the US for an even deeper juicy dive.

In a nutshell: 5Rhythms is wonderful music dance journey that goes through a pattern of 5 different styles like a wave (flow - pleasant flowing music > staccato - sharp, edgy music > chaos - chaotic, energetic, and often wild dancing > lyrical - playful > stillness - gentle music). In the dance, the only real rule is to be respectful to others, no talking on the dance floor, and no photos. Remember that putting your hands together in a pray-like position is saying "thanks, but I want to dance by myself now". Interestingly, Honor's approach at Freedom Frequency is much looser - there is pretty minimal suggestion on how to move - it doesn't follow the same rigid wave pattern as a typical 5Rhythms event. She says that for 2 hours she likes to create her own flow. And it's great!

What's Special About This Event and Venue

I went to my first Freedom Frequency in October 2023 and it was magical! It was easily ~50 people (sometimes they get up to 60) in this beautiful empty space ("South Brisbane Sailing Club") overlooking the river. It's quite magical to just stand at the window and watch the CityCat boats float past. The floor itself is polished wood, and feels great on your bare feet. Apparently it gets really hot during summer, but there are half a dozen ceiling fans you can stand under. Even though it's relatively crowded, there's still enough space to dance and get your groove on. Most people there seem to dance solo, but it's still possible to dance with others if you have a warm open smile and understand the etiquette (presenting namaste hands means 'no thank you' [read more]).

It also seems a few of the dancers like to go hang out together afterwards at a nearby bar like "The Burrow". There was a dozen dancers when I went and it was just fun-on-a-bun. Like with all dance events, if you wanna build community and make friends outside of the dance hours it pays to arrive early and leave late. Talk to people! Organize to hangout. These are some amazing individuals and I can't wait to go to the next one!


    Andrew Noske

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Acknowledgements: Michaela for telling me about this event and the radiant Honor Morningstar for creating this community. Honor lives over 2 hour drives from the venue, so it's an incredible dedication, passion and testament to her that she makes the drive and so many wonderful people come to each event.