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NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: Wiki

Here I decided to keep a list of all images used on my wiki. To help organize this page I add entries to this spreadsheet:

  • Wiki_Images_List google doc - spreadsheet on Google Drive where I record all images and comment tags.
    • Notice the formula down column C is designed so you can copy and paste into the the table below (=CONCATENATE("{{Row}} [[File:", A2,"|100x100px]] || ",A2," || ",B2)).
    • Do a [Ctrl]+[f] for 100x100 to find any broken ones on this page.

This should help me if I ever need to restore image descriptions (see: Wiki - restoring. The table below was last updated: Sep 2 2013.

List of Images

Thumb Image Description
2010 ca drivers licence test 800.jpg 2010_ca_drivers_licence_test_800.jpg Example drivers licence questions from California's DMV website.
3d printed beta cell.jpg 3d_printed_beta_cell.jpg 3D printed model of one of my beta cells.
3dmodel lab mouse 4 views.png 3dmodel_lab_mouse_4_views.png My own mesh rendering of a house mouse in 3D using Cinema 4D.
3dmodel lab mouse perspective.png 3dmodel_lab_mouse_perspective.png My own mesh rendering of a house mouse in 3D using Cinema 4D. Perspective view.
3dmodel lab mouse warehouse.png 3dmodel_lab_mouse_warehouse.png My own mesh rendering of a white mouse in 3D using Cinema 4D. In Sketchup before upload to Google / Trimble Warehouse.
3dprinter zcorp.jpg 3dprinter_zcorp.jpg A 3D powder printer from zcorp - used to print colored 3D models.
3rdworldfarmer early.jpg 3rdworldfarmer_early.jpg 3rd world farmer - a "socially conscious" game, which should provide many ideas for my proposed software project game.
Amira clipping.jpg Amira_clipping.jpg Amira interface showing a volume render (blue) and isosurface with clipping (orange).
Amira movie.jpg Amira_movie.jpg Amira interface for movie making with the "DemoDirector" timeline in the bottom left.
Anaglyph c4d movie render settings.png Anaglyph_c4d_movie_render_settings.png Setting up "Color Correction" render settings in Cinema 4D.
Anaglyph c4d scene setup.png Anaglyph_c4d_scene_setup.png How to setup a scene in Cinema 4D to allow for the making of a 3D image or movie. Notice you create one camera for the left eye and one for the right.
Anaglyph example.png Anaglyph_example.png An example of a 3D "anaglyph" image with a red and blue channel.
Anaglyph final result.png Anaglyph_final_result.png Final anaglyph in Adobe Photoshop after alignment.
Anaglyph photoshop creation.png Anaglyph_photoshop_creation.png Creating an anaglyph in Adobe Photoshop using two layers with "Blending Options" on the top one.
Anaglyph quicktime properties.jpg Anaglyph_quicktime_properties.jpg Tiny image showing the location of the blend option in Quicktime. Sadly I think I've lost the full size (original) image so this will have to do.
Biosketch example.png Biosketch_example.png An example of a two-page biosketch.... this one is mine.
Blink1 controller interface.png Blink1_controller_interface.png Blink(1) controller interface.
Blink1 device.jpg Blink1_device.jpg Blink(1) device plugged into a laptop an illuminated green.
Blink1 mozilla alert notifier add new.png Blink1_mozilla_alert_notifier_add_new.png Apply alert to a folder/mailbox for the blink1-tool.
Blink1 mozilla mailbox alert.png Blink1_mozilla_mailbox_alert.png Adding a new "Mailbox Alert" to call blink1-tool.
Blink1 packaging.jpg Blink1_packaging.jpg Blink1 device shown with the packaging it comes with.
Brisbane translink zones.jpg Brisbane_translink_zones.jpg Map of the translink train / transport zones within Brisbane.
C4d plugin - add text.png C4d_plugin_-_add_text.png Cinema 4D "Add Text" plugin.
C4d plugin - fade.png C4d_plugin_-_fade.png Cinema 4D "Fade Dialog" plugin.
C4d plugin - find and replace.png C4d_plugin_-_find_and_replace.png Cinema 4D "Find and Replace" plugin.
C4d plugin - object converter.png C4d_plugin_-_object_converter.png Cinema 4D "Object Converter" plugin.
C4d plugin - sphere changer.png C4d_plugin_-_sphere_changer.png Cinema 4D "Sphere Changer" plugin.
Cellular journey 01 entrance.png Cellular_journey_01_entrance.png Cellular journey exhibit at Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. Entrance.
Cellular journey 02 viruses.png Cellular_journey_02_viruses.png Cellular journey exhibit at Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. Viruses in 3D. Some of these by my friend Graham Johnson who worked at SCRIPPS.
Cellular journey 03 scale.png Cellular_journey_03_scale.png Cellular journey exhibit at Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. Showing scale.
Cellular journey 04 human hair.png Cellular_journey_04_human_hair.png Cellular journey exhibit at Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. Comparison of cell size to a human hair.
Cellular journey 05 tissue.png Cellular_journey_05_tissue.png Cellular journey exhibit at Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. Tissue information.
Cellular journey 06 cell anatomy.png Cellular_journey_06_cell_anatomy.png Cellular journey exhibit at Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. Cell anatomy panel.
Cellular journey 07 mitochondria explained.png Cellular_journey_07_mitochondria_explained.png Cellular journey exhibit at Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. Mitochondria information panel.
Cellular journey 08 fake lab.png Cellular_journey_08_fake_lab.png Cellular journey exhibit at Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. Mock lab (scientists is cardboard).
Cellular journey 10 cell ride.png Cellular_journey_10_cell_ride.png Cellular journey exhibit at Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. Awesome cell ride.
Cellular journey 11 cell ride screen.png Cellular_journey_11_cell_ride_screen.png Cellular journey exhibit at Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. The screen from the cell ride.
Cinema 4d making 3d video.png Cinema_4d_making_3d_video.png Setting up a left_eye and right_eye camera in Cinema 4D.
Citizen science - ebird.jpg Citizen_science_-_ebird.jpg eBird crowdsourcing interface.
Citizen science - eterna screenshot.jpg Citizen_science_-_eterna_screenshot.jpg EteRNA - RNA folding crowdsourcing game.
Citizen science - eyewire.png Citizen_science_-_eyewire.png Eyewire crowdsourcing interface.
Citizen science - foldit screenshot.png Citizen_science_-_foldit_screenshot.png Foldit - protein folding crowdsourcing game.
Citizen science - galaxy zoo.jpg Citizen_science_-_galaxy_zoo.jpg Galaxy Zoo crowdsourcing interface.
Citizen science - gwap - esp game screenshot.png Citizen_science_-_gwap_-_esp_game_screenshot.png ESP game.
Citizen science - how to be a martian - map mars.png Citizen_science_-_how_to_be_a_martian_-_map_mars.png Be a martian crowdsourcing interface / game. Mapping craters on Mars.
Citizen science - how to be a martian - tag mars.png Citizen_science_-_how_to_be_a_martian_-_tag_mars.png Be a martian crowdsourcing interface / game. Tagging Mars.
Citizen science - stardust at home screenshot.jpg Citizen_science_-_stardust_at_home_screenshot.jpg Stardust at home crowdsourcing interface.
Citizen science - valley of the khans screenshot.png Citizen_science_-_valley_of_the_khans_screenshot.png The Valley of the Khans Project crowdsourcing interface.
Citizen science - whale fm screenshot.jpg Citizen_science_-_whale_fm_screenshot.jpg WhaleFM crowdsourcing interface.
Dr andrew noske 300 wide.jpg Dr_andrew_noske_300_wide.jpg Photo of me.
Electron tomography pipeline.jpg Electron_tomography_pipeline.jpg Electron Tomography pipeline. One of my best and favorite images ever - shows the full process for electron tomography for cells - in this case pancreatic beta cells.
Heatmap gradient.png Heatmap_gradient.png Illustration showing the most common types of heatmap gradients.
Icon email normal.gif Icon_email_normal.gif Email address.
Icon email small.gif Icon_email_small.gif Email address.
Idea death march computer game default view.png Idea_death_march_computer_game_default_view.png Death march - default screen (mock screenshot). Here the player can review morale by clicking each team-member and take any number of actions before clicking the arrow for 'next turn'. Most of the items you see here, such as the "risks" white-board and "calendar" you can click on to pop up a screen with more information and options. Although there are only five employees shown here, the table would be extended for larger projects as you add more employees (assuming you can afford it!).
Idea death march computer game team member.png Idea_death_march_computer_game_team_member.png Death march - team member view (mock screenshot). Here the player can see an individual team member's status, credentials and made decisions specific to that member.
Idea microscopystandards table mockup.png Idea_microscopystandards_table_mockup.png A mockshot of a table used to measure programs against a set of "gold standards".
Idea microscopystandards website mockup.jpg Idea_microscopystandards_website_mockup.jpg A mockshot showing what might look like. A better catchline might be "a guidebook book for programmers in the life sciences"
Idea night eyes logo black.jpg Idea_night_eyes_logo_black.jpg Black logo for night eyes government surveillance idea.
Idea night eyes logo large.jpg Idea_night_eyes_logo_large.jpg Logo for night eyes idea.
Idea seal childrens beach pic.png Idea_seal_childrens_beach_pic.png A view onto seal beach during one of the rare moments in winter when tourists and local pests are not scaring the seals into the water.
Idea seal current beach.png Idea_seal_current_beach.png What the Childrens Beach in San Diego currently looks like .... Google maps view of Children's Pool Beach
Idea seal proposed map.png Idea_seal_proposed_map.png Proposed extension of wall near Childrens Beach in San Diego. A Photoshoped image to show where wall would extend to create a second beach.
Idea seal seals.png Idea_seal_seals.png Californian Harbor Seals. The harbor (or harbour) seal (Phoca vitulina), also known as the common seal, is a true seal found along temperate and Arctic marine coastlines of the Northern Hemisphere. The California population of subspecies richardsi are found along the entire Pacific coast shoreline of the state and remain relatively close to shore in subtidal zones In California. Breeding occurs from March to May, and pupping between April and May, depending on local populations. Read more about these beautiful creatures at: Habor Seal - Wikipedia.
Imod livewire demo.png Imod_livewire_demo.png
Imod microtubules 1 new object.jpg Imod_microtubules_1_new_object.jpg Setting up a new object in 3dmod for tracking microtubules.
Imod microtubules 2 mesh tubes.jpg Imod_microtubules_2_mesh_tubes.jpg Create microtuble mesh models in IMOD's 3dmod.
Imod mito 1 set object type.jpg Imod_mito_1_set_object_type.jpg Setting up a new object in 3dmod for segmenting mitochondria. Notice the sphere type is set to a good large default thickness.
Imod mito 2 place point.jpg Imod_mito_2_place_point.jpg Placing a point inside a sausage shaped mitochondria within 3dmod.
Imod mito 3 open model view.jpg Imod_mito_3_open_model_view.jpg Viewing mitochondria as spheres in 3dmod's ModelView window.
Imod mito 4 mesh tubes.jpg Imod_mito_4_mesh_tubes.jpg Creating 3D mesh models of mitochondria using 3dmod's ModelView window.
Imod mito 5 analyze tubes.jpg Imod_mito_5_analyze_tubes.jpg Analysis of mitochondria tubes and length using IMOD.
Imod mito schematic 1 truncated tubes.jpg Imod_mito_schematic_1_truncated_tubes.jpg Schema illustrating how mitochondria are likely to be truncated by the sides of an ET volume.
Imod mito schematic 2 subsample technique.jpg Imod_mito_schematic_2_subsample_technique.jpg Illustration of how you can reduce the error of measuring mitocondrial length in an ET volume.
Imod mitochondria branching examples.jpg Imod_mitochondria_branching_examples.jpg Examples of branching mitochondria as segmented from 3D ET volumes with 3dmod. The blue shows the "main branch", although this decision is mostly arbitrary.
Imod mitochondria branching length.jpg Imod_mitochondria_branching_length.jpg Illustration of how you can measure the length of a branched mitochondria.
Imod mitochondria length histogram.jpg Imod_mitochondria_length_histogram.jpg A histogram of miotchondrial length for the mitochondria in two different pancreatic beta cells.
Imod name wizard.png Imod_name_wizard.png IMOD's Name Wizard plugin for allowing the ontologically correct naming of compartments... like cell organelles in this case.
Imod slashfindspheres 1 opening 3dmod.jpg Imod_slashfindspheres_1_opening_3dmod.jpg How to open a volume in 3dmod.
Imod slashfindspheres 2 create scattered object.jpg Imod_slashfindspheres_2_create_scattered_object.jpg Creating a scattered point object for drawing spheres in 3dmod.
Imod slashfindspheres 3 create points.jpg Imod_slashfindspheres_3_create_points.jpg Placing then adjusting the size of spheres in 3dmod.
Imod slashfindspheres 4 see results.jpg Imod_slashfindspheres_4_see_results.jpg Viewing the results of slashfindspheres in NameWizard.
Imod slashfindspheres 5 modify results.jpg Imod_slashfindspheres_5_modify_results.jpg Modifying results in 3dmod.
Imod slashfindspheres 6 heatmap composite.jpg Imod_slashfindspheres_6_heatmap_composite.jpg Results of running slashfindsphere's in IMOD.
Imod slashfindspheres 7 imodmasksort.jpg Imod_slashfindspheres_7_imodmasksort.jpg The effect of running "slashmasksort" using the green closed contour lines forming the boundary around the mask area.
Imod slashfindspheres 8 refining spheres.jpg Imod_slashfindspheres_8_refining_spheres.jpg A nice setup using the Slicer and Move Contours windows to sort and adjust point's position in all axes.
Imod slashfindspheres 9 terminal execute.jpg Imod_slashfindspheres_9_terminal_execute.jpg Running the slashfindspheres in a Terminal window (may have to wait a while!).
Imod stereology 1 opening 3dmod.jpg Imod_stereology_1_opening_3dmod.jpg IMOD Stereology plugin.... showing how to open a reconstruction file.
Imod stereology 2 starting plugin.jpg Imod_stereology_2_starting_plugin.jpg IMOD Stereology plugin.... starting the plugin.
Imod stereology 3 default view.jpg Imod_stereology_3_default_view.jpg IMOD Stereology plugin.... default view.
Imod stereology 4 finalize.jpg Imod_stereology_4_finalize.jpg IMOD Stereology plugin.... finalizing your grid.
Imod stereology 4 setup grid.jpg Imod_stereology_4_setup_grid.jpg IMOD Stereology plugin.... setup stereology grid for point counting.
Imod stereology 5 setup categories.jpg Imod_stereology_5_setup_categories.jpg IMOD Stereology plugin.... setting up categories - representing different entity types we wish to count.
Imod stereology 6 count point axon.jpg Imod_stereology_6_count_point_axon.jpg IMOD Stereology plugin...... counting a point on an axon.
Imod stereology 6 count point mito.jpg Imod_stereology_6_count_point_mito.jpg IMOD Stereology plugin...... counting a point on a mitochondrion.
Imod stereology 7 finished counting.jpg Imod_stereology_7_finished_counting.jpg IMOD Stereology plugin...... finished counting.
Imod stereology 8 generating results.jpg Imod_stereology_8_generating_results.jpg IMOD Stereology plugin...... generating results from a point count.
Imod stereology 9b error bars.jpg Imod_stereology_9b_error_bars.jpg IMOD Stereology plugin...... results in Excel, showing error bars.
Imod stereology 9 table.jpg Imod_stereology_9_table.jpg IMOD Stereology plugin...... results after opening in Excel.
Imod stereology 9c more charts.jpg Imod_stereology_9c_more_charts.jpg IMOD Stereology plugin...... more MS Excel charts.
Imod stereology 9c sem.jpg Imod_stereology_9c_sem.jpg IMOD Stereology plugin...... SEM (standard error of mean) in Excel.
Imod stereology grid types.jpg Imod_stereology_grid_types.jpg Different types of stereology grids, including uniform and random point counting grids for volume estimates, cycloids and line pairs for estimating surface area, physical dissector for estimating number of surfaces.
Internet time spent pie.png Internet_time_spent_pie.png Time distribution (pie chart) showing what people do on the Internet.
Journal cell cover 2012.jpg Journal_cell_cover_2012.jpg Journal cell cover of mine in 2012.
Livewire baby from wikipedia.jpg Livewire_baby_from_wikipedia.jpg Livewire segmentation demonstrated on a baby. This image was sourced from Wikipedia:
Loading a dataset in 3dmod large.png Loading_a_dataset_in_3dmod_large.png Demonstration of how to load a reconstruction and model into IMOD's 3dmod using the 3dmod startup window.
Map bay area salsa map.jpg Map_bay_area_salsa_map.jpg A map of salsa venues by (not to scale).
100x100px Map_ucsd_printable.pdf Nice printable map of the UCSD campus.
Map ucsd smaller.jpg Map_ucsd_smaller.jpg Small map of the UCSD campus showing medical area.
Matlab plot example.png Matlab_plot_example.png Example of plotting a graph in Matlab.
Me after good haircut front.png Me_after_good_haircut_front.png Me after an okay haircut.... 2013 I think.
Me after good haircut side.png Me_after_good_haircut_side.png Me after an okay haircut.... 2013 I think.
Me after okay haircut back old.png Me_after_okay_haircut_back_old.png Me after an okay haircut.... 2011 I think.
Me after okay haircut front old.png Me_after_okay_haircut_front_old.png Me after an okay haircut.... 2011 I think.
Ncmir letter of support visit example.jpg Ncmir_letter_of_support_visit_example.jpg A letter of support from UCSD.
Ncmir san diego map.jpg Ncmir_san_diego_map.jpg Location of NCMIR within the University of California San Diego.
Neural network image example.jpg Neural_network_image_example.jpg Neural network cartoon demonstrating how different pixels map to different inputs.
Neural network layers.jpg Neural_network_layers.jpg Classic neutral network teaching diagram showing the three layers: the input layer, hidden layer and output layer.
Neural network stochastic nodes.jpg Neural_network_stochastic_nodes.jpg Neural network stochastic node.
Neural network wet grass.jpg Neural_network_wet_grass.jpg Simple neural network showing a "wet grass" example with three input nodes.
Nif instructions.png Nif_instructions.png How to use the NIF (Neuroscience Information Framework) website.
Pegman decides.png Pegman_decides.png Pegman decided... my example of a PNG image with alpha transparency - 20x30 pixels.
Pegman square.png Pegman_square.png Pegman square... an example of a square PNG image with no transparency - 327x327 pixels.
Quicktime combining stereo pair.png Quicktime_combining_stereo_pair.png Combining two movies side by side in QuickTime Pro 7.
Regex metachars.gif Regex_metachars.gif Regular expression (regex) set of special characters in a table.
Regex special chars.gif Regex_special_chars.gif Regular expression (regex) set of special characters in a table.
Robot controller.png Robot_controller.png Smartphone robot control system illustration.
Robot controls.png Robot_controls.png Smartphone robot controls
Robot ipad.png Robot_ipad.png Smartphone robot iPad docking on top versus iPhone.
Robot movement.png Robot_movement.png Smartphone robot movement illustration.
Robot perspective.png Robot_perspective.png iPhone robot image shown perspective image.
Robot prototype.png Robot_prototype.png Smart phone robot image prototyope.
Robot rc car.png Robot_rc_car.png Smart phone robot image remote controlled car.
Robot social box.png Robot_social_box.png Smartphone robot social experiment illustrated.
Robot social logo small.png Robot_social_logo_small.png SCRAPi smartphone android iphone robot logo.
Room for rent new.jpg Room_for_rent_new.jpg Picture of an old room of mine for rent... this is how I advertised it.
Scivis header.jpg Scivis_header.jpg 2012 banner for the NSF "scivis" challenge, featuring the winners from the year before.
Scivis neuron.png Scivis_neuron.png This image represents a brain cell which imaged using 3D Serial Block-Face Scanning Electron Microscopy (SBFSEM).
Scivis rapid visual inventory.jpg Scivis_rapid_visual_inventory.jpg Represents a pancreatic beta cell in 3D.
Scivis seperation of a cell full.jpg Scivis_seperation_of_a_cell_full.jpg One of the entries I submitted into scivis in 2011 which made it to the finals.
Scivis seperation of a cell.png Scivis_seperation_of_a_cell.png This image represents a cell undergoing "cell division".
Scrapi 3 perspective.jpg Scrapi 3 perspective.jpg Smartphone robot.
Scrapi 1 default.jpg Scrapi_1_default.jpg Smartphone robot.
Scrapi 2 control.jpg Scrapi_2_control.jpg Smartphone robot.
Scrapi 4 size comparison.jpg Scrapi_4_size_comparison.jpg Smartphone robot.
Scrapi 5 movement.jpg Scrapi_5_movement.jpg Smartphone robot.
Scrapi 6 docking station.jpg Scrapi_6_docking_station.jpg Smartphone robot.
Scrapi 7 prototype.jpg Scrapi_7_prototype.jpg Smartphone robot.
Shapeways print nudge.jpg Shapeways_print_nudge.jpg A model I printed with a single texture on the eyes, and am holding here between my fingers. This guy is 4 cm tall - I printed a 3 cm tall version too (see above), but was a bit small for my liking.
Shapeways printset 1 order.png Shapeways_printset_1_order.png The order and exact price of my models. Includes character, imperial cruiser and tie fighter in metal.
Shapeways printset 1.jpg Shapeways_printset_1.jpg Some models I printed in august 2012 from The materials here are white strong plastic (left, $15), stainless steel (top, $15), alumide (middle, $4), full color sandstone (right, $5).
Skybox montage image.jpg Skybox_montage_image.jpg Skybox setup using Unity.
Skybox montage image.jpg Skybox_montage_image.jpg Skybox montage image, setup with nice filenames for Unity.
Sonicare toothbrush at cosco.png Sonicare_toothbrush_at_cosco.png Phillips sonicare toothbrush at Cosco - two of them for $150 is very good, and sometimes they go cheaper.
Stereology slide1.jpg Stereology_slide1.jpg An old presentation slide of mine demonstrating how point a point counting stereology grid works on a live thin section electron microscopy image.
Stereology slide2.jpg Stereology_slide2.jpg An old presentation slide of mine demonstrating how a stereology grid is "randomly" moved over a large region of tissue in order to get sufficient points counted for an accurate volume estimate.
Template image - page idea.gif Template_image_-_page_idea.gif This is of of my ideas.
Template image - page incomplete.gif Template_image_-_page_incomplete.gif Page incomplete icon.
Ucsd directions from airport.jpg Ucsd_directions_from_airport.jpg Map showing directions from the San Diego airport to the University of California, San Diego.... bus instructions included.
Ucsd suburb map.gif Ucsd_suburb_map.gif Housing map of the San Diego region, specifically highlighting the suburbs around UCSD (University of California, San Diego) near La Jolla.
UQ australia map.jpg UQ_australia_map.jpg Location of the University of Queensland (Brisbane) in Australia.
UQ imb map.jpg UQ_imb_map.jpg Map of the UQ (University of Queensland) campus showing the location of the IMB and other useful locations you should know about. :)
UQ suburb map.gif UQ_suburb_map.gif Map of the suburbs around the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. This map was designed to help students orient themselves and decide what suburbs might be suitable to live in.
Used car inspection checklist thumbnail.jpg Used_car_inspection_checklist_thumbnail.jpg Thumbnail showing my one page used car inspection checklist.
Video cell data bank first part.png Video_cell_data_bank_first_part.png Video about the idea of a cell data bank.
Video history of em.png Video_history_of_em.png Screenshot from a video showing the history of Electron Microscopy (EM).
Video imod tutorial bead helper features.jpg Video_imod_tutorial_bead_helper_features.jpg Screenshot from a video showing how to use the IMOD Bead Helper plugin.
Video imod tutorial drawing tools overview.jpg Video_imod_tutorial_drawing_tools_overview.jpg Screenshot from a video showing how to use the IMOD Drawing Tools and Interpolator plugins.
Video scivis seperation of a cell full.jpg Video_scivis_seperation_of_a_cell_full.jpg Screenshot from a video showing human cell undergoing mitosis (cell division) as imaged using 3D serial block face scanning electron tomography.
World map on sporcle.png World_map_on_sporcle.png A sporacle world map game where you have to type the correct country names to win.
Youtube 3d video example.png Youtube_3d_video_example.png A 3D empowered video in YouTube uploaded and currently displayed as a side-by-side stereo pair (for a suitable projector and glasses).


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