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Tinder brings out the worst in people, I decide hey - why not capture a little of this behavior. I always try to be a gentleman online, because I know how much it can sting some people when you trigger insecurities and.... well I think the worst kind of people swear on tinder.... or deliberately try to hurt a person they've never even met.

I must admit, when I see a person heading this way - being mean - I am sometimes just that little hint passive aggressive (but still nice) with the hope that they realize they are mean. Maybe they hope I'll lose my cool too, but I just don't see the point. I'll be rational and point out that they are mean.

Some Strange or Unusal People on Tinder

Nasty Nora

This girl bugged me because I actually attract the sweetest people by putting some effort into my profile. I think my poem to her was a little cheeky, most poems I've written get a great reaction from girls, but it triggered her somehow. She's likely a sweet person to most people, but not to me! She posted me on instagram somewhere, I'll post this here, since she initiated. :-P

For me, I'm not embarrassed by my profile in the least, nor my poem. I'm embarrassed I wasted a super like on her. She looked sweet in her first profile pic.

Nasty Nora 1

Nasty Nora 2

Nasty Nora 3

More coming soon.

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