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So this is embarrassing, but I was banned from Tinder and Bumble in 2020. Not for anything nefarious, I feel like I'm very good at being positive and polite on Tinder, *but* in March 2020 (during covid) I published my first ever book on Amazon and I was excited. So excited I shared the link to my book on Amazon to a few girls I matched with! The book has a pretty edgy title: "Ice Cream = Sex" but it's a harmless comedy, and honestly I think the real issue is I just pasted an amazon link on Tinder and on Bumble. Bumble explicitly said "we don't solicit selling" when I got banned but Tinder is crappy that they don't tell you the reason, but with the timing it's a safe assumption. Lesson learned! Tinder and Bumble have a policy against selling - even though I really wasn't selling... I was just proud that I published my first book.

Below I've recorded the process to recreate my accounts. It's a process unfortunately, but it might be the only way. There are ads for things like "Tinder++" as a hack to get Tinder Premium for free, but do a quick Google search and you'll see those are scams. To get around the block is quite the process, but hey - during covid it's kind of hard to meet people in real life, so I decided to try it.

Disclaimer #1: If you've been banned because you've been rude to people, well then you deserve to be banned honestly! It's probably a good warning that you should always be sweet to people. Some matches might test your patients by being rude (it's happened to me several times), but just rise above! Unfortunately you can also be banned for pretty minor infractions... one person's flirting is another persons "I must report this". Several times I used a message: "what's your favorite ice cream?! Depending on your answer we'll either be best friends, hot passionate lovers or enemies" and I got a warning that my language was inappropriate. I don't know if it was the word "passionate" or "lovers", but either way I got slapped and possibly "shadow banned" (where they downsize your number of matche). That could have easily resulted in a ban, and that's a little unfortunate I feel.

Disclaimer #2: I actually tried most of these steps, and it worked for a little bit, but sadly some of the photos I used were similar (I just changed the pixels slightly, but they were too similar), and so a few days later I was banned again. It's really disheartening, because I feel like I'm a good person, I just didn't realize pasting an amazon link would ruin my propsects of finding love. If you try, make sure to use all new pictures and hope none of the engineers at Tinder have been clever enough to employ good face recognition software.

Getting Unbanned From Tinder

Basically I got my instructions from this video: Tinder Shadowban? 6 Steps to Get Unbanned From Tinder (by TextGod)

The important part: Don't use any accounts you already have linked! This includes: phone/SIM, IP address, Google or Apple ID, photos, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Spotify), so you'll have to recreate all of this! New SIM, new photos, new Google/Apple account.

Disclaimer: I have two Android phones, but this should work with iPhone exactly the same, and if you have just one phone, just swap SIM cards.

  • Step 1: Remove Tinder from your phone in this way. Open: Tinder > Settings > Delete my Account (unless you are banned). Uninstall Tinder.
  • Step 2: Open the Facebook account linked to your (banned) Tinder profile. On the website go to: Settings & Privacy > Settings > Apps and Websites > Tinder > View and Edit > Remove this App > Remove.
  • Step 3: Buy a new SIM card. Install this on your phone and use this new number to install Tinder, because Tinder know your old SIM. After install you can put your old SIM back in, but don't toss your new SIM, because Tinder may need to confirm it occasionally (every few weeks/months). Honestly, it's easier if you have a second phone (I like to always have a spare phone for traveling overseas anyway)!
  • Step 4: Create a new Google account or Apple ID. To create a new Google (@gmail) account is on a website easy, but don't forget you need to then go into your phone to add it. Best if you create a new Use for your phone.... then click: Settings > Users & Accounts > Add account.
    • Totally optional: but if you use the Tinder website on Google Chrome, you can add a new people profile (menu > People) for your new name. For me, I changed my name slightly as a precaution, but you probably don't need to do this.
  • Step 5: Download Tinder again with your new SIM + new Google account + new IP. To get a new IP address, it should be as simple as turning your router on and off again.
    • To double check on your Android phone click: Settings >About phone > Status > IP address (it should change after your modem restart). On computer: System Preferences > Network.
  • Step 6: Setup your new Tinder account (carefully!). You cannot use the same pictures, or credit card or add any of your old accounts (Facebook/Spotify/Instagram). If you mess up these last 2 steps, your whole progress could be lost, so be very careful when it comes to accounts!
    • It's quite possible Tinders engineers will, at any time, get even smarter and start to look for Tinder profiles matching a banned profile in name, profile text, or even add face recognition. I'm surprised they haven't already. If they add good face recognition, then you might be in real trouble to try recreate an account!

Don't Bother With Customer Support

Tinder has no real customer support, so don't even bother trying to contact them to ask what you did wrong. Just accept that you'll probably never know what you did, or who reported you! If you are chatting with someone who has different political views for instance, I suggest you unmatch them immediately, because they could easily report you as making you uncomfortable. It's not clear how many times people can say "this made me uncomfortable" because you get shadow banned or outright banned.

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