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Jeff is one of my closest friends. I met him for a 20% project at burning man which I started and called "cleanup challenge". Jeff was the head of recycling at the time and when he heard of my project he jumped on board immediately. Meeting Jeff was like meeting someone you wish you'd known your whole life - we clicked immediately. Very soon after I invited him to Ecstatic Dance, and unlike everyone else I've invited I knew 100% he'd love it and everyone there loved him at first dance. He radiates a safe radiant energy. Soon after he invited me to come with him to Burning man. Wow. What an experience. Jeff is unique in every way... he earns great money yet he's decided to live in a van... now he owns three vans and he's building a tiny house in Santa Cruz mountains. Jeff is the type of guy you want to be friends with your whole life, and travel with everywhere. Turns out he writes a great poem too. Enjoy. :)

Jeff's Poems

Universal Consciousness

It's time to turn the table toward a universal goal
I sit here beside myself and look into my soul
My soul is old worth more than gold
It still shines bright throughout my life
I look upon it and a smile comes to light

Despite the many triumphs and tribulations of the journey
It seems that no matter what karma pulls the gurney
I wish a smile I wish a light on enemies and foes alike
Because they too must struggle with the same things as I, right?

Bigger fibrillations of the time it takes for justice
For those who seek rewards are those who walk among us
We are no different than the ones who came before
Difference is we've learned to anticipate the score

Universal happenings keep happening to me
Like we're all tied together with one epiphany
People here and people dear seem to move together
Like ocean waves we flow breaking for the weather

It's time to move on somewhere before we did not know
Toward the light we must unite relentless we will grow

-- Jeff Carloni (Inferno).

Variation and Moderation

It seems that everyday I meet two of the extremes
Like splitting atoms with a dull knife and cutting bread with laser beams

Do you ever get that feeling that this has happened once before
Yeah, déjà vu I remember you I am drunk and on the floor

Dreaming all day long is a cavernous triangle of thought
I should be able to remember my dreams but alas I cannot

Every night I figure out just what it is I live for
But then I wake and with every breath I take I forget what do I live for?

This pattern yields but one remark as to why I sit here and embark
It's telling me to just be and not analyze the worldly skies

Rather just take what's given and be humble in your quest
For better you make some friends today than be another pest

You must take care and not despair the universe is unfolding
As it should therefore become at peace with all you know

And as I heard a wise man say, "Surrender to the flow!"

-- Jeff Carloni (Inferno).


In a state where music and colors are one in the same
People can feel what they hear and see with their minds
Instead of the normal taste touch and smell
You will enter a place where no one can tell

You what to do or how you should act
For it doesn't matter what troubles your thoughts
You can just know what is and what's not
An objective truth that cannot be taught

You take a huge leap out of your body
And see things with only your mind
The world is so large with intricate design
There is so much to know and so little time

Imagine if you could hear the world's thoughts all at once
Impending disaster, omnipotence
Infiniteness we can't comprehend
That leads us to wonder where beginning does end

To this existence we question our roots
But shine there's no answer just listen to mutes
Simple design is all we can know
Until that one day when the man will us show

So with this lifetime and your given body
Find your purpose and try to be happy!

-- Jeff Carloni (Inferno).

Questions We've Forgotten

Walk away quietly, said the woman in a suit,
From the side where your heart can be seen.
Go away for a year until you find your way back
Then you will see that I was right, and you were on your way down the wrong path.

But if you come back stronger than before
Then your journey has helped you to learn the mechanics of
What you have become to us all is more than just numbers and words.
You are an inspiration, an influence, a sliver ring in a mountain of sand.
I know this, and you know this, but do they know yet?
Always in actions, in speech and in mind must you prove yourself along the trail of life you leave behind.
Unless you decide to leave this life behind and start fresh somewhere no one must know you.
To find what your purpose is here on this earth you must start by enjoying the beauty.
Work to preserve it, strive to protect it, and let others know along the way
Help the world remember what we forgot long ago and you will walk above the trees...

-- Jeff Carloni (Inferno).

The Time Has Come

There'll be moment in time you wish you could hold onto forever
But when it comes time to say goodbye, you must retreat into the familiar
The everyday routine that comes inevitably the moment you were hoping for change
You hope the moments will come again in the same way they did before
But each time you seek out a new moment it seems that already you think about how it must come to an end
Invariably the future is full of great successes and unfortunate failures
One cannot occur without the other
As with all the best moments in time, the feelings can only last so long
Fly into the future and soon the moment fades and everyone forgets what happened there was pure magic
Magic that cannot be explained or relived
The time has come to turn a new leaf
The time has come to move on

-- Jeff Carloni (Inferno).


Of all the times I thought I'd find myself in intimate thoughts
I realize now big secret how words will never be thoughts
Only after investigation of my cogitation will I surrender to believe
Sometimes I need help with things and sometimes I need me
First things first and last things next and all things in between
Somehow they all fit together jumbled though they seem
If I could just piece together the pieces of this maze
I'm sure to find my mind inside and see a purple haze
No one knows what we're doing here and no one seems to care
Just keep going make more money and you will soon get there
Where I ask, where will I get with all my good intentions
Just another lot of happiness among all these inventions?
Is it this I seek to find with all this complexity
The places left far behind in the minds of you and me
These are the places I want to go, but get there I cannot
Without the help of some greater force yet to me untaught
So here I stand with something to prove to me and to my world
There's more to all we're doing here and it's beginning to unfold
Slowly it will come to me as long as I stay aware
The answers can't come all at once people will get scared
Patience and an open mind will lead us to our destiny
But only if we look and listen to synchronicity
These things happen every day and mystical they are
But most of us do not see them for what they really are
We've set our minds to other tasks that are deemed "more important"
So we take one look and don't turn back to see we've missed the moment
It could have been an answer or nothing more than stone
But if we took just one more look at least we would have known
The key to all this silliness is that it is for real
I did not just make this up it's something we all feel
For most of us it comes with age these questions of existence
But when we're bold in youth and old we'll always have assistance
Everyone's in constant question of your ideals and your beliefs
To hold on and resist the strong will make you much less weak
So if you call to question this dilemma I have posed
Then I'll smile and say "you're right, no one really knows"
But I believe there's more to life no matter what we've done
And if you join me on my quest I promise you'll have fun!

-- Jeff Carloni (Inferno).

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