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This is just some details about my phone I might need to access again soon. See also: Mobile phone secrets

My Nokia 6280 Mobile Phone

My old phone, back in 2006-2007, was a Nokia 6280 bought with the three network on the on 27/05/06... the contract is 24 months - $10 for the phone + $20 minimum cap - which allows $120 of calls. (30*24=$720) When the contracts over I can keep the phone (but not unlock it from three) or after 16 months I can upgrade.

I actually had some serious problems, but hopefully all is fixed now.

History of Problems

I bought a Nokia 6280 phone on 27/5/06 from 3 (Three) in Indooroopilly Brisbane, with an "extended 12 month warranty", and it was fine for about a year, but not long after that it started playing up. Initially the problems were:

1. People who tried to call me frequently wouldn't get through and instead get the "phone is off" messages (even though it is on). 2. Messages to me sometimes didn't arrive until a day later. 3. Messages I send went into my outbox but didn't get sent.

So I took it into 3 on the 3/9/07 (< a week after the problems started), showed my extended warranty and they sent me to Nokia Care repair in Brisbane City, saying I probably just needed a software upgrade which would cost me <$30. Instead I got charged $120 - saying they updated the software and replaced a faulty chip set. Unfortunately I noticed the problems got worse - most noticeably:

4. Calls I make USUALLY get a red "Error in connection" message. 5. People have to call me several times to get through.

On the 2/10/07 I went in to 3 again and they gave me a new SIM card, but that didn't work, and trying a new battery didn't work either. On the 3/10/07 I went into 3 in and they again sent me to Nokia care, where they discovered that the problem was probably the phone connecting via the 3G network, as when the set it to "roaming" I could call out and even received a text message. Nokia sent me back to 3, and finally I decided to send the phone to "After Sales".

About four weeks later I got my phone back with a new battery of all things, but unfortunately they uploaded a really old version of software which wasn't compatible with three. Finally, at the end of my patients I went back to three - where they told me that they had a service center at (47 Park Road, Milton) and for $30 they would put on the latest compatible software. Finally it seems to be working..... but burnt by the months I spent with a dodgy phone. I paid and extra $50 dollars for 12 months extra peace of mine, and instead I've spent days walking around, getting bad software... and paying well over $120 (plus parking tickets) on a phone which is probably only worth $240. *sigh*

My "after sales" warranty number: 12705 My job number with Nokia care: BRI024377

Three Online

At my three online I can check how much I've spent on calls, and change options.

Calling Overseas

The first step is to enable International Roaming by calling three customer care on 1133320.

Once overseas I should be able to turn the phone on and off and it will recognize the international carriers.

To manually select an "operator" on my phone: Menu > Settings > Operator Select > Manual (then chose one)

Rates in America

The girl told me the rates I would have to pay in the US to:

  • call Australia: $1.50 per 30sec + $0.60 connection
  • call U.S.: $0.65 per 30sec + $0.25 connection
  • receive Australia: $0.30 per 30sec + $0.25 connection
  • receive U.S.: $2.00 per 30sec + $0.25 connection
  • receive sms: free
  • send sms: $0.75