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My PhD supervisor gave me a MacBook Pro laptop to use for presentations and travel late 2006.

It's a very powerful laptop, but its biggest advantage is that it's built on an Intel Core 2 Due chip and it is able to run multiple operating systems.

Mine came installed with both OS X and Windows.

To boot into one or the other:

Press the power button and hold down the option key as it boots.

You can change the settings in OS X.

The huge drawback of the system is that the keyboard has:

  • No proper "DELETE" key ...
    • (to hit delete you must press [fn+backspace] - and [ctrl+alt+fn+backspace] to login to windows)
  • No right mouse button ...
    • (to right click you must hold two fingers on the track pad and left click)
  • ... and it's also missing all the function keys, navgiation keys you might expect on a Windows keyboard


The "delete" key on the macbook behaves like a backspace

To get around this in Windows I decided to:

1) Plug in a USB keyboard (so that I could log in to Windows!).

2) Remap the keyboard keys by downloading and installing Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools . Now go Start > Run and then enter "remapkeys". .. I recommend remapping DEL to the right apple key & the right mouse button to the second enter key. .. NOTE: This program changes values in the registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout

3) Install the program "Input Mapper" which you can download here --> this program set itself to commence on startup and remaps keys such that you have access to various function keys.