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NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: JavaScript

I'm a big fan of starting a presentation with an Acknowledgement slides which includes everyone's photo, but making such a slide is pretty slow if you have five or more people. This tool lets you enter the names of people and will either generate a link to their profile photo (most good orgs have this ability) or specify your own image URL for each person's photo.

Generation of Acknowledgement Slides from a Text Area



Code license
For all of the code on my site... if there are specific instruction or licence comments please leave them in. If you copy my code with minimum modifications to another webpage, or into any code other people will see I would love an acknowledgment to my site.... otherwise, the license for this code is more-or-less WTFPL (do what you want)! If only copying <20 lines, then don't bother. That said - if you'd like to add a web-link to my site or (better yet) the specific page with code, that's a really sweet gestures! Links to the page may be useful to yourself or your users and helps increase traffic to my site. Hope my code is useful! :)