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* Covid related:
* Covid related:
** <b>[[Pandemic Safety Scale|Pandemic Safety Scale]]</b>
** <b>[[Pandemic_Safety_Scale|Pandemic Safety Scale]]</b>
** <b>[[Pandemic hug scale|Pandemic Hug Scale]]</b>  
** <b>[[Pandemic_hug_scale|Pandemic Hug Scale]]</b>  
* Dating related:
* Dating related:
** <b>[[Love_to_lust_scale|Love to Lust Scale]]</b>
** <b>[[Love_to_lust_scale|Love to Lust Scale]]</b>

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During covid, I started doing a sequence of "funny graphic scales"... scales from 0 to 10 that I hope make you laugh and think. Or at least one of the two. :)

It started with just one, but now it's a series. Maybe I have a problem. Here's a list:

Child Pages

Related/Child Pages:


The COVID-19 Safety Scale (v2).... think Coronavirus responsibility scale from paranoid to irresponsible.
Pandemic hug scale.
Love to lust scale.
Flirting comfort scale (may be affected by covid)!
Send to your friend (of either gender)!
Send to your friend after a bad pun.
If you can't figure out how to download this and send to your friend then... well are are pretty dang low on the scale. Ask your friend's kid to help.

Contact Me

Like these scales! Contact me at andrew.noskeATSIGNgmail.com - especially if you have a new concept you think I should "scale up".

See Also

  • COVID-19 - The article that started my obsession with "scales".