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Ever needed/wanted to kill a little time on the internet? Below are some awesome little flash games I've enjoyed.

Flash Games


  • Commando 2 - (and also Commando 1) fantastic fast-paced game! (*****)
    • TIP: the last level is very hard and may need to watch walk-throughs on youtube. I had to cheat by for this last level by using Cheat Engine to up my health and ammo (~2 hrs if you don't die). There are no cheat codes, but a "sneaky method" is to fire in mass by scrolling the mouse-wheel as you shoot.
  • Sand Castle - fire cannon at ships attacking your city... great fun but too short (20 mins). (***--)


  • Dynamite Blast - brilliant puzzle game where you place dynamite to blow up trusses and rocks to solve puzzles (eg: get the train to the flag) over 30 levels (~1 hr). (****-)
  • Rubble Trouble - similar to above, except your little character must completely demolish buildings , using dynamite, missiles canons etc. and often protecting your younger brothers on top. (~2 hr) (****-)
  • ROLY-POLY Cannon 2 - (and Roly-Poly Cannon Cannon 1) use a canon to destroy round characters (~1 hr). (***--).
  • Art Theif - steal paintings before time runs out (~1hr). (**---)


  • Stick War - brilliant 2D strategy game where you buy little stick units - miners, archers, swordsmen, wizard and giants - and send them to enemy base on the right - what's brilliant is you can also click to control any unit to move him and do double damage (~2 hr). Stick page has many other games but this one really stands out (*****)
  • BowMaster - fantastic addictive 2D game similar to above, but where you shoot arrows from a castle (although you can move your "bowmaster" to vacant towers desired), research upgrade new arrows (fire, ice, meteor, etc) and units which behave automatically and you'll sometimes shoot accidental. 30 levels each ~10-15 mins (~6 hrs). (*****)
    • TIP: Starting a new game, select New Profile, and change Shooting Mode to Auto Aim - in this mode arrow goes where you click (the other modes are tricky). After researching a unit you'll want to click the red bar above it to avoid auto-deployment - read the instructions!


  • Toss the turtle - fun little game where you shoot a turtle out of a canon, earn cash for distance and buy new toys like guns and explosives to help your turtle go further. (**---)