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Fire dancing, also known as fire performing, fire spinning, is a wonderful expression of art and dance often known as "flow arts".

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Types of Props

There are many types of "props" people dance with. Just a few are:

  • Static props: (think: anything stiff)
    • Fire staff & Dragon staff - Where the dragon stick is usually a cross at the end of the stick.
    • fire swords - As it sounds.. sometimes a real sword (legit!), sometimes more like a bat.
    • Fire knives - Traditional Samoan cultural implement that is used in ceremonial dances.
    • palm torch & fire fingers - Very easy to use as they extend from your palm or fingers.
  • Dynamic props: (anything with rope)
    • Poi - Very common and popular, two short ropes, about a foot long, with a hanging wick/ball - One for each hand.
    • Rope dart - A long rope with a burning ball on the end which you can throw away from yourself, then snap back.
    • Fire whip - Exactly what you'd imagine.


Fire dancing started in Samoa with the fire knife used in ceremonial dance. It was originally composed of a machete wrapped in towels on both ends with a portion of the blade exposed in the middle. Fire knives are traditionally only danced with tribal drums, and they have annual competitions.

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Acknowledgements: Dhevhan Keith (on Oahu) for introducing me to fire dancing. :)