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NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: Dance

I've been going to Open Floor Dance in Mountain View since I arrived in the bay area in late 2012. I've met some wonderful people there, and heard some wonderful insights into life, but not until April 2016 did I feel inspired to write down a couple of gems. What prompted me? It was the wonderful Kira Olson, who managed to say about four hilarious sexual innuendos in about four minutes (and I swear most were accidental?!). I realized I could maybe write down some of the funnier and/or deep moments I remember during Claire's instructions and/or after dance when were allowed to all talk (during dance is mostly silent)! This page is mostly for me, but if other people from the group discover this, please email me ( ) to include more quotes you remember! I write stuff down because I'm forgetful. :)


    Andrew Noske

Quotes from Mountain View Open Floor


Claire has said so many amazing and deep things... I really wish I could remember more, but I'm just starting this list.

  • Claire: Even if you want to, you should avoid go back to your ex's - an exercise when Claire put a bunch of little packing tape X's on the floor, and asked us to dance on them, and then leave that spot. I swear the whole exercise was building up to her saying this, and causing everyone to erupt into laughter.... yet she claims it was a happy accident. Hrrmm. :)


Kira is an amazing girl, innocent as can be. Or is she? Her spirit animal is a dolphin, but some of her words would make even a dolphin blush.

  • Andrew: How did you break your rib?!
    Kira:A man was on top of me - in context, Kira was doing contact improv, but it was hard not to think otherwise
  • Kira: I just want to to penetrate your hole - she was poking a hole in my shirt... and she also said "I just made your hole bigger"... *sigh*.

... oh no, I forgot the rest!


Chelsea is my favorite sea turtle! She's the wisest, smartest teacher I know, and she says the most hilarious and sometimes deep things each week in the circle. Sometimes she reads poems she's written during closing circle, and they are always incredible!


Peter is the best! The stuff he says is usually pretty deep, insightful, but right now I only remember two things he said to me:

  • Peter: She's all apples! - he's convinced we say this all the time in Australia... I've never heard it until Peter, and we like to say it to each other pretty regularly.
  • Peter: I had a dream about you last night - I love that he could say this to me... but especially that he said it while we were in the restroom together. Turns out, in the dream, I was in Australia, by the beach, with a big farm and invited everyone onto my farm. That pretty cool!

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Acknowledgements: My friend, Kira‎ for saying some quirky things. I'm not sure if I'll remember to keep up with this page, but I hope I do!