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On this page I've tried to make a list of cell artwork competitions and galleries. I'm not in cell biology anymore, so this list is unlikely to update sorry.


  • Competition: Angstom Art
  • About: Must be a researcher at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience in Brisbane, Australia.
  • Comment: I entered this one here in 2009 - but were about 80 other entrants (mostly from the same people) and so I didn't win - they guy who won was the same guy who's won about three times now. *sigh*

  • Competition: Nikon Small World
  • About: Photomicrographs must be taken using a light microscope (not necessarily Nicon). Looks pretty easy to enter.
  • Comment: Some very nice artwork, including this beautiful one by Thomas Deerinck from NCMIR I noticed here (Rat cerebellum at 200X).

  • Competition: International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge (by NSF)
  • About: Judges appointed by NSF and Science will select winners in each of five categories: Photography, Illustrations, Informational Posters and Graphics, Interactives Games and Videos. The winning entries will appear in a special section in Science and Science Online, and on the NSF website, and one of the winning entries will be pictured on the front cover. In addition, each winner will receive a one-year print and on-line subscription to the journal Science and a certificate of appreciation.
  • Comment: Looks like a great competition - great publicity, and have many videos explaining what it's all about here, including this one.
  • More info: I wrote my own page "NSF International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge" featuring my own entries.


  • Site: Graham Johnston - medical imaging
  • About: This guy's a friend of mine from SCRIPPS in San Digeo. His background is art, he uses Cinema 4D to render images/movies, he's had his images in several textbooks and many covers on Science/Nature and his work is amazing! :-)


Here are some locations of some amazing videos: